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Encouraging Ongoing Investment Into Idaho State Lands

Idahoans For Public Lands thanks Idaho leaders for a record one-time investment into Idaho’s state lands, which not only bolster our economy with over $1.2 billion annually, but are iconic to Idaho culture and identity. In 2024, the Idaho Legislature has another opportunity to invest in Idaho’s most beloved outdoor recreation areas. Learn more here.

On March 30, 2023, Governor Little signed S1196 into law, allocating a record $100 million to the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation for our beloved state lands. This one-time funding will be used to address years of backlogged maintenance requests, improve capacity at peak sites for outdoor recreation, and allow interagency collaboration for additional land and water conservation.

IFPL applauds Governor Little and the Idaho legislators who voted to reinvest in our beloved state parks. This legislation is a significant milestone for our public lands and booming outdoor recreation culture. 

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Reach out to your legislators today to share your support of additional investment into Idaho’s outdoor recreation sites, including continued funding for the Idaho Outdoor Recreation Fund and the community-led projects it supports!

Do Your Legislators Value Idaho's State Lands & Waters?

How did your representatives vote on 2023’s record investment into Idaho state parks?

$100mil to state parks

If your representatives are marked in green, they recognized that Idaho’s state lands are invaluable to our economy, culture, and identity. Join us in thanking them for investing Idaho’s priceless lands and waters!

If your representatives are marked in red, they failed to consider our state lands a priority despite bringing billions of dollars to our economy and providing unmatched joy for residents.

Take action today to support Idaho’s state parks and our government’s continued investment into them!